The Fox and the Hound

Almost all Disney cartoon movies follow the same format, the movie opens with something bad happening, you have an adventure, and the movie almost always ends with a happy ending. In Finding Nemo, Mom dies, Nemo gets fishnapped, Marlin goes on an adventure to save him, and Marlin saves Nemo in the end. In Lion King, Uncle kills dad, son runs away, son returns and saves the kingdom from the evil uncle. Even in 101 Dalmatians, dogs get dognapped, Mom and dad go to rescue them, and we have yet another happy ending.

This holds true for almost every single Disney movie I can think of except for my favorite. The Fox and the Hound is about a friendship that can never be. And by the end of the movie, both the fox and the hound realize this. There is no happy ending to this film. In fact, the movie opens with the friendship forming; the film is almost the anti-Disney movie.

And as I said, this is one of my favorite Disney movies. I own it on DVD and I have watched it a grand total of twice. I just can never bring myself to watch it; I am never in that kind of mood. I do remember watching it once with my mom, and while I will never admit to bawling my eyes out, neither one of us could stop sniffling. It is one hell of a tearjerker.

My mom and I joke all the time about how neither of us can watch this movie. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought it on DVD, or maybe one day I will actually watch it again. If I am ever in the mood to get myself all depressed.

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