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I’m currently sitting outside on my deck. A deck I may have used maybe 10 times in the four years I have lived in this house. I paid for it, I really should use it more often. And for some reason, I decided to use it today. I turned on the suddenly working again dishwasher, poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed my laptop and a chair and went out onto the deck. Some friends gave this new wine to me, and while it is a little sweet for my tastes, it is really good. Actually, it’s not all that far from the Jersey White that I bought a case of this week. Sometimes, you just need to sit outside with a good glass of white wine.

So, I sit here, on the deck, starting to break into a sweat as the sun beats down on me, contemplating what I should blog about. I could blog about not wanting to go back to work tomorrow, but who does? I could blog about how this week was the first Thursday Wine event of the season, but nothing really exciting happened, just a lot of drinking (eight bottles of wine at least). I could blog about what happened in my warhammer games this weekend, but who really cares? Well, a few of you may, but it’s not really meant for this blog.

So here I sit, pondering. Yes it’s hot out, but it is only the start of the season. I better get used to the heat pretty quickly, especially if I want to use this deck. But as I sit here, in the sun and heat, I realize that I had a pretty good weekend. And while I do not want to go back to work, at least I still have a few hours of the weekend to enjoy. Life isn’t all that bad. I’ve got good friends, most of whom I saw, or at least talked to this weekend. Family is still alive and kicking, even if they are currently living in my rental property that I am trying to sell. The cats haven’t been hacking up too many hairballs, though the 6am feeding time is really getting to me. The dishwasher is working again, though I do expect it to break sometime soon… again.

And honestly, it will only be five days till I get to another weekend. I think I can survive that; hopefully I don’t kill anyone in the process.

It was a good weekend, and I cannot wait for the next one.

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