Heart Broken

This past weekend, I was at the local game store to play some friends in Warhammer. This has become my routine every weekend. I show up, chat with some friends in, get a game in, hopefully two, and then usually join them at a local restaurant for dinner. This past weekend, I actually got three games in, including a game on Sunday. It was a good weekend.

And while I did have a lot of fun playing geek games with my friends, I was heart broken at the start of the game day. On the way into store, I apparently to decided to carry too much. I dropped one of my gaming models (Imagine me screaming MEDIC! I didn’t but you can see me doing that). It broke into a few pieces but I managed to find most of them. One giant insect leg was immediately reattached, but one of the claws was still missing. The saddest part was the fact that I found the small piece in the parking lot. This little piece of plastic, and I found it, and then I lost it again.

It really isn’t a big piece of the model. Actually, if someone else were looking at it, they probably wouldn’t even notice it. But I notice it. And it bothers me. I may still have the piece of plastic; it may be someone where in my many boxes of gaming crap…err, Stuff. But just knowing that it is missing right now, it wears on the mind.

This is why I can’t have nice things. I don’t take care of my crap, it breaks, I lose pieces, and it saddens me.

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  1. This reminds me of when my new, freshly painted wraithknight left the house for the first time. I handed it to a friend and the glue holding the upper body to it’s legs gave loose and he fell right right on my concrete driveway. I feel your pain!

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