Rough Day

Today started rough, and never got any better. I got up late, ran late, but thanks to giving myself extra time each day (and no traffic and living 12 miles from work), I still made it to work on time. However, once there, things never approved. I had a customer call me and ask me why her funding on the FY13 contract was slow to be used. She called me not knowing the funding document’s number. She didn’t get that there are easily over 1500 different funding documents for the FY13 contract. So, after some digging, she found the document number and I went on the hunt… and couldn’t find it. I played a hunch, and looked in the FY14 documents. And guess where I found it. Not only did she not have the document number, she didn’t even have the right contract year!

Also today, I found out the justification for me taking a class I have been told is required was not solid enough. I don’t get it. It’s not like I actually said I wanted to take the course because I was told to. I came up with a bullshit answer that was almost word for word the same as someone who got into the class. In fact, I accidently left one of his duties that I don’t actually do on the justification. So, my justification for taking the course had to be rewritten.

On top of that, I was told that in order to get into the course, they apparently need my resume. I have worked for the government for over ten years, and I have had the same job for over eight years, but they need my resume.

All of this for a course titled “Emerging Leaders Development Program” or something like that. If I ever end up in a position of leadership, something very very bad happened. I really don’t want to get promoted that far, I don’t want that much responsibility.

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