Weird Book Reading

I am currently reading a book. I am almost always reading a book, so that is a bad statement, but I am currently reading a book. And this book is a book that I have read before. It isn’t one of the books I normally read, in fact I read it the one time and put it aside. But I needed a break from reading the Hawking book that I am not quite in the middle of.

The Hawking book is a tough read. All it is showing me is that I am not as smart as I hoped I was. It is an interesting book, and I still plan on finishing it, but it is such a dry book.

And for some reason that I can’t explain, I didn’t want to read any of the books in my “unread” pile. I haven’t bought any new books recently, so at least that pile isn’t growing, but it isn’t shrinking either.

Maybe I’ll get my motivation back. Maybe I’ll start reading new books again. Maybe I’ll finish the Hawking book.


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