Three Thing Friday

1. $75.33 – I spent some of yesterday afternoon, and almost all day today, trying to track down $75.33 from our FY08 contract. If I was the only one working on this task, that would be one thing, but there were three of us working tracking down these funds. Two individuals from the Department of Homeland Security, and then there was me. So, we spent about a day and a half tracking down $75.33 from a contract that was closed two years ago. We were paid. The contractor was paid. There are no funds to return. But, to balance the books, we spent a day and a half looking for the error. We cost the government so much more than the $75.33 we were looking for.

2. Missing parts – I lost a piece for one of my Warhammer models. Not a big piece, but a noticeable one. It either went with a friend when I asked him to air brush it, or it never even made it that far. The worst part is that I remember seeing it, but I can’t remember when or where. My friend tore his place and his car apart looking for it. I tore my place and my car apart looking for it too. And nothing. Notta. Zip. Zilch. It magically disappeared.

Which means it is probably here somewhere.

3. Getting older – This getting older crap sucks. Recovering from a cold seems to take longer and longer. I feel fine, I just sound like crap. Two days with a sore throat, and now I am just tires and have the sniffles. And I am frustrated. I just want to feel healthy again. But I am so bored! I remember staying home from school as a kid. It was fine for one day, after that I was bored and almost wanted to go back to school. Its not like my friends were around to hang out with, they went to school. It is amazing how much it feels like I am still in school. Pay is a little better though. And the recovery times for hangovers seems so much longer too.

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