Having spent yet another day in bed, I realized that as I get older, colds seems to last so much longer, same with hangovers. What does this have to do with revenge? Nothing, I just needed to get that out of my system.

But onto the revenge portion of today’s blog. I believe my sister’s cat got a little bit of revenge on me. Today, while I was trying to feed the three cats, I was walking around in my bare feet. Not something I usually do, but I was just too tired to care about putting on some socks. And while taking the time to open up the can, Pips decided to walk on my foot. It’s bad enough that she is a heavy cat, but her claws are out most of the time as well.

So in revenge for everyone who accidentally stepped on her through the years, I think she stepped on me. Her claws are sharp, she’s heavy, and I had no foot protection.

And I swear that after I reacted, I heard her laughing.

Pain in the ass, I mean foot, cat.

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