Less than Four Years

I have lived in this house in Maryland for less than four years. Not all that long, but long enough that have begun to think of this place as home. Sure, it has had its problems, like a circuit breaker box that was actually a fire hazard. But my biggest complaint about how this place was built is that the appliances that came with the house are all GE products. The stove. The Microwave. The Refrigerator. General Electric, a company that should build quality equipment. At least one would hope.

The first appliance to break was the microwave. I used the microwave almost every day. Sure, I would use the stove to cook as well, but I made use of the microwave the most. About 6 months ago, it suddenly stopped working. No big deal, it must just be a fuse, or so I thought. But no, the microwave is dead. Deader than dead. So I went out, and bought myself a cheap new one from BJ’s. Of course, I did not buy anything made by GE.

Today, still less than four years since I moved in, the dishwasher broke. Again, it is just dead. No leaking, no power, no nothing. Again, I thought it might just be the breaker, but everything was fine. No, the dishwasher just broke. So again, I find myself frustrated over a broken GE appliance. I used the dishwasher about once a week, but not every week. On Sundays, I would wash the dishes that I used over the weekend, but during weekdays, I would just wash the dishes myself. I guess I will be doing that for a little while longer now. When I do decide to get another dishwasher, you can be damned sure that it will not be a GE product.

In fact, if anyone ever asked me, I would recommend appliances made in Antarctica by penguins on meth before I ever recommended GE products. Now, all I have to do is wait for the washer, dryer, and refrigerator to break. At this rate, I give them till November.

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