Alarm Cats

There is noting more reliable in my house than my personal alarm cats. I can guarantee that I will be up by 6 am, even on days I can sleep in. This is not to say that I don’t go back to sleep, but I do get up by 6 am the latest. This is a little rough on weekends when I want to sleep till 8, but the cats come first.

And how they wake me up isn’t always the same. Some mornings I get the morning catupuncture and back massage. Some mornings I get the cold cat nose in the face. The worst way to wake up however is the hairball/cat puke alarm. This isn’t timed, it happens on the cat schedule, and I am pretty sure that the cats would prefer not to wake me up that way either.

And the hairball was how I was awoken this morning. At 5:30 am, I woke up to Loki having a minor hairball issue. And after hearing a cat hack up a hairball, I cannot go right back to sleep. I have to get up, clean up the hairball, and lug the blanket down to the washing machine. And this is actually more convenient than if the cat had his issues on the carpet. So, I am a little tired this morning, and probably a little cranky.

Oh, and these damn alarm cats need a snooze button installed. Some days, I just want to sleep in. Damn cat’s have me trained too well.

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