Three Thing Friday

1. Weird Weather – I hate heat. I am uncomfortable from late May till October, for the most part. Sure, there may be a few cool days and some very comfortable nights, but for the most part, I am miserable. I would say that at least for the most part, I am indoors, but even the office seems muggy. There is no relief on the horizon, at least till I get home and I can run the air conditioner. Now, since I did not complain about the winter weather, I reserve the right to state “I ALREADY MISS WINTER!” But, as much as I am unhappy with this weather, at least it opens up the ability to kayak and SCUBA dive. Now, if I can only get motivated to go.

And at least I am not in a full fur coat like the cat lying at my side.

2. Throw Back Thursdays – I don’t get them, what is the big deal? Of course, I am not a person who should really talk. I hardly keep any photographs of my past. In fact, the only pictures I have around my house are pictures that I took of sharks. I don’t really keep pictures of my past. And the ones on facebook, I really don’t look at. I don’t have the videos or pictures from old band competitions, from my high school days, or even from my college days.

And honestly, the only thing I think about when I hear about Throw Back Thursday is throwing back a beer. Mmmm…. Beer.

3. Cable Wires – I am so tired of the new Direct TV commercials. Really, going to have a family of puppets sell the fact that your “boxes” are wireless? It’s not really that funny, it actually pretty creepy. The commercial with the “wife” just weirds me out, and the one commercial with the son isn’t any better. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am the only one who is weirded out.

Of course, I won’t be going to direct TV any time soon, and it has nothing to do with those commercials.

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