Survey Says!

Today I completed a survey at work. It is a standard survey that comes out every now and then, usually when we get a new commander. They want to get a feeling for the work climate, the atmosphere of the workplace. It is supposed to be anonymous, but you usually have to sign in, telling the person taking it that it is not as anonymous as one would hope. I usually don’t fill these out for that reason, and the fact that my complaints about work are usually not that bad. This year though, I took the time to fill out the survey and express my true feelings, not that I expect anything to come of this survey, but I did feel a little better when I clicked the submit button.

You can tell where the Army’s concerns lie through the questions that were asked in the survey. A very large portion of the questions asked was about sexual harassment, I would say about half of them were about sexual harassment. Do you feel comfortable going to management? Do you believe management takes sexual harassment seriously? Would someone be afraid to report harassment? Would someone who reported harassment to management be punished? Army has a serious sexual harassment problem, as reported in the news, and their solution is training, training, and more training. In fact, I have to go to mandated training in the next few weeks.

However, answering these questions was not what made my day. Being able to express “anonymously” how I feel about current management was a pleasure. I took the time, wrote what I wanted to say, and submitted it. Again, I really don’t believe that this was actually anonymously, but I think I needed the ability to think I can express myself without punishment. Which, funny enough, was one of the questions asked. Of course I responded with the greatly disagree option.

So, I am curious to know what the survey results will be. I know a few others who filled it out, and who filled it out honestly. Could be interesting at work in the next few days.

But probably not.

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