Welcome Back

Like a good portion of American workers, today was my first day back after a “long” weekend. However, in my case, it is not uncommon for me to have a long weekend, in fact, every other weekend is a three day weekend for me. Thanks to one of the few benefits of where I work, I get to work an extra hour each day to get one day off every other week. That being said, today was one of the roughest days I have had in a while. I do not know why, but I struggled to make it into work, I struggled at work, and my motivation was at record lows. Try as I might, I cannot explain why, it’s not like coming back from three-day weekends is unusual for me.

Maybe it was because instead of returning to work on a Monday, I had to return on a Tuesday. Maybe it was because instead of it just being a long weekend, it was because it was a Holiday weekend. Maybe it was because I couldn’t get anything accomplished at work since we didn’t have reliable Internet access for most of the day. Whatever the reason, my motivation level was pretty damn close to zero. Nil. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Nothing. Naught.
On the plus side, it is official that some of my co-workers have been approved for telework, despite the director’s wishes. I guess it doesn’t pay to against what CECOM leadership says and push your own agenda. Maybe the G3 director will respect the decision of higher management, but that is unlikely. He is now probably going to try and make the teleworkers lives miserable. That’s a shame too; it only makes him look bad. Maybe he will take his loss in good grace, but for some reason, I highly doubt it.

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