Pets 101

Hello, my name is Brian, and I have a problem. Growing up as a kid my parents allowed us to have many pets, although not all at the same time. Of course we have Cats; Cloudy, Bentley, Trixie, Rusty are just a few of the cats we had.  I can even remember having one cat that was an attack cat. My sister actually slept on a rocking chair because she was afraid to put her feet on the floor. We also had hamsters, tons of fish (both tropical freshwater and goldfish), an Iguana, and even a bird. Damn I miss that Iguana. I got him when I was in college. I wanted a snake till I learned I would have to feed it mice (plus mom said no), and I couldn’t get a bearded dragon because I would have to feed it crickets. Iguanas only eat fruits and vegetables, and I had no issues feeding an animal plants.

However, I sit here now watching Pets 101 waiting to get my day of gaming started, and I realize that I want cool and different pets. Every time something new shows up, I want it (except for an ant farm or any spider). Someone owns a sloth as a pet? I would love that. I want one. Someone adopted a fox? That would be awesome. I want one. Someone has her own pet owl? Where do I sign up? I want one. Someone actually turned an opossum into a family member? How do I do that? I want one.

Then reality sets in. Much like the iguana, I am sure it is expensive to keep up with some of these rare pets. The iguana ate fresh food that I (or more likely my mother) would prepare every couple of days. I also had to keep him warm, so the electricity used to keep the heat lamps going had to be expensive.

Not to mention that I go away a lot. I know my mom has no issues coming down here to cat-sit Loki, but I am not sure she would want to come down here and take care of my pet chickens. Yes, she did grow fond of Cornholio (yea, I name the iguana after Beavis and Butthead). However, I don’t think she would really want to care for some odd and strange creature like a cavy.

So, once I run through my “I wants,” I’ll move on, take a shower, hug Loki, and get on with my day.

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