There is no business like slow business.

Apparently the government’s internet has decided that it was not going to work before the long holiday weekend. I shouldn’t say that nothing was working today,, some things were. but what was working was either working slow, or doesn’t help me accomplish my job.

Since our “cloud” was moved to the new and improved server, our connections have been much slower, but the last few days redefined the definition of slow for me. A perfect example would be when a co-worker tried to load a file onto this cloud.  The file wasn’t all that large and would normally have taken only a few moments. He started loading it to the cloud; I got up, went to the bathroom, talked to a different coworker, and still got back to my desk before his file completed the upload. There is no reason that it should take that long to load a file, and he had to load a few more files after that. Productivity has crashed since we went to the new servers.

Now, on top of that, the last few days we had other issues. We couldn’t connect to any of the government websites or any of the basic civilian websites, like Google or Yahoo for example. However, and this is odd, I was able to get to one of my gaming websites with no issues. And that really should have been blocked. But I cannot complain, looking at warhammer models did allow the day to pass a little easier. Email functions sporadically, if we are lucky. We are the Communication and Electronics command, but we Cannot Electronically Communicate. I’m thinking carrier pigeons would be quicker and more reliable.

Of course, today was also PMT, or Pointless Meeting Thursday, so over half an hour of my day was already wasted. And it was my briefing day, I tried to keep my briefing to less than 30 seconds, but I failed. It took me 45 second to get through my whole briefing chart. I feel like I let down my coworkers.

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