Total Recall

I had a blog in my head for this morning. I knew what I wanted to say, were I was going to go with it, and yes, it was Godzilla related. However, before I started writing it, I logged onto CNN and read an article about GM and the recall that won’t go away caught my eye. After reading it, I decided that I give my readers a break and not talk about the big G, and instead talk about the big GM.

As we all know, or hopefully know, General Motors is having issues with a recall notice. The real issue isn’t that their cars had problems and caused some deaths. No, the real problem is that they knew of the problems years ago, delayed the recall, and got caught having done so. The issue always starts with getting caught. President Nixon had no problems till he got caught in the lies.

The article I read today covered a briefing that GM gave to their employees about words not to use on internal emails and memos. Now, some of these words I can understand being frowned upon by management. Using words like “deathtrap,” “widow maker,” and “Hindenburg” may not be appropriate in emails and memos. Even when used in internal emails, you never know what might leak to the public. However, some of the other words those employees were asked to refrain from using show that they were not concerned about how business like they appear. They also told their employees not to use words like “serious,” “safety related,” and “defect.” They were asked to use statement like “does not preform as designed” for example.

So, rather then address the problems, and make it so that there were no issues to be addressed, GM wanted employees to use less “inflammatory” words. This reminds me a lot of my management. Instead of fixing the issues, they try to fix the symptoms of the problem. Let’s not address that parts have a defect lets just say that they are not working as intended. Nothing like remaining focused on the real problems. And now, GM is being bitten in the ass thanks to their management policies.

I remember a friend commenting that Toyota wouldn’t survive their recall on the unintended acceleration, well, Toyota did, and I expect GM will as well. Possibly without a government buyout.

CNN Article

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