Nice Rack

I decided to take today off, not to see the Godzilla movie (that’s tomorrow), but in order to get some minor things done around the house. Yes, I did take some time to work on my warhammer models. Not much time, but a little bit. No, my main objectives for the day all had to do with the car.

First, the car was in desperate need of a bath. I don’t think I really washed the car since before the start of winter. I may be forgetting one wash on some random warm day, but overall the car has not been washed in months. I know I did not take it to a car wash during the winter, and I know I am not crazy enough to wash the car myself in the middle of the cold snowy winter. So I can safely conclude that the car has not been cleaned in months. As of today though, this is no longer true, as I took the time to give it a good scrub down. And even with the rainstorms giving it a rinse, it was filthy.

But the real reason for washing the car was so that I can put my roof racks back onto the car. With the weather getting warmer I plan on kayaking sometime soon. So, I made sure to wash the roof and then took an hour to put the racks on. They do seem a little loose, but I hope that once I put some weight on the racks I will be able to tighten them up fully.

Last summer I did not go out in the kayak that often. It was one of my let downs of the last kayaking season. I hope to go more often this year. Going once a week would be nice, but I don’t expect to actually be able to do that.

I really do need to go out though, I really need the exercise. Especially after the calzone I had for lunch today.

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