The Kiss Saw Around the World

Apparently, it is breaking news that a gay man was drafted into the NFL and that when he got the news, he kissed his boyfriend. This is the news that was reported instead of what is going on over in Russia and the Ukraine. This is more important news than Iran copying our stealth drone that looks a lot like a stealth bomber, only smaller. A gay man getting a job and kissing his boyfriend is the most important news of the day. I have no issues with a gay player being in the NFL, nor do I care what each player’s sexuality is. Actually, if he would help the Bengals win a game; I’d want him on my team!

But some of the other fans and players do not seem to agree with me. In fact, some players and fans were texting how shameful it was for two men to be kissing on national TV. I cannot help but wonder if they would have been complaining if it were two attractive women kissing on camera. Or maybe they would have been the type that would be hooting and hollering. It is amazing at the double standard most males have against gay men kissing on cameras but not two women.

Sure, I probably could have done without seeing footage of two men kissing (actually, I didn’t watch any of the draft, so I didn’t see it). But I could also do without seeing men and women kissing on camera when I am watching the draft. Screw the emotional crap and get back to the sports.

So, congrats to the first openly gay man to be drafted. I am sure he is not the first gay man in the NFL, but at least he is man enough to admit it.

No, can we get back to some real news?

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