Mother’s Day

Every once in a while, when I am playing warhammer (or just hanging out) at the game store, I see some young kids there as well. Sitting there either feigning interest or doing something else like putting together a puzzle, is their mother. Seeing that actually makes me appreciate all of the things my mother had done for me over the years. I know she took me to events that she would not have gone to on her own. She did things that she was probably not at all interested in.

My mother and I are a lot alike. We have the same sense of humor. We can both make each other laugh and we both usually find the same things funny. This is a good thing since my dad doesn’t really have a sense of humor. Well, maybe he does and I just don’t get it. Of all of the things I have got from my mother, this is the best thing that I got. Not everyone get my sense of humor, it must be a Klebold thing. When I pulled a practical joke on my father, and while it did backfire on us a few times, she and I found it funny as hell. My dad yelled at me, which made us laugh even harder.

My mom is awesome. Ask any of my friends that have hung out with her. Ask Bill and Jen, whom introduced her to port. Ask anyone who went to my graduation party. Ask the son who she bought alcohol for; maybe I shouldn’t have said that last one.

Yes, my mother and I have had our fights. Sure, my mom actually evicted me from her house. Ok, once while I was driving down the road, she decided to test my cars emergency brake (which was pretty damn funny). And yes, one time when I was in the hospital during my seventh grade year, a nurse walked in one door to take my blood and my mother walked out the other. She abandoned me with the vampire, I mean, the nurse.

But she also drove me to see my specialist in New Brunswick. She also took me to air shows. She tolerated the fact that one entire summer I said that I didn’t want a body board, till September, when there were none left (and has never let me forget it). She went to my little league games, she went to all or almost all or the marching band competitions.

Mom, Thanks.

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