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I once heard it said that a if the owner of a loyal dog dies, the dog will starve waiting for its owner to feed it, but loyal cat does not exist. I think my cats would wait about an hour before using my dead body as food, which is a good thing because my dead body is probably the only think Pips could catch.

But this random thought got me thinking about how long it would take for people to notice that I died. Honestly, the fact that I work a set schedule would cause people to become concerned pretty quickly. At most, if I died at the start of a long weekend (and wouldn’t that be depressing), at most it would take four days for people to know that something is wrong. The more likely scenario is that work would notice in one day.

However, if it weren’t for work, it would take much longer for my dead body to be discovered. No one is surprised when I go off the grid for a little while. I could go months without talking to some of my friends, and weeks without talking to my family. I sometimes just disappear from the world. But, it should be noted that I play the same group of friends in warhammer almost every week. I am pretty sure that they would notice that something was wrong when I didn’t show up for a game. The down side to that is that only one of them knows where I live and has actually been to my house. So, it would be a mission to find out what was wrong. The only other sign that something was wrong would be if I didn’t post a blog every day. I think after two missed posts, people would wonder, but it may only be a passing thought.

So, I think that it would actually take about a week for people to realize something was wrong, maybe two if it were not for work. I wouldn’t be one of those people who are discovered months after my death. I guess that is pretty good for someone who lives alone. And I believe that the three cats can survive for a week, even if it is on me.

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