Three Thing Friday

1. Future Management – I have been told that I have to take a management course and some other course that will increase my knowledge about the Army. I am all for taking classes, as long as they actually teach something. Every time I have been enrolled in a government course, nothing new was learned. Everything that I learned from my internship is taught again. And to top all of that off, I forget what I was taught because I have no need to use it. Writing information papers for example, I have never written one, and will probably never have to. So, the U.S. Government is going to pay for me to take classes that will be forgotten in a week, two weeks tops. And one of those courses is taught in Kansas, now that is a great use of taxpayer dollars.

And on top of that, how about we train the current management in how to manage? For example, one lesson I haven’t forgotten in prior classes is that everyone is different (which I did not actually need to be taught), and you have to manage them differently (again, I knew that already). My management could use that knowledge since they do not seem to have it now. Management wants everyone to fit into a mold, one size fits all, and it is not going to ever happen.

2. Timing – My timing sucks. It has never been good, and it seems that as I get older it just gets worse. For example, I wanted to order something from a company, but I kept holding off hoping that they would release something new that I wanted for Warhammer. Finally, my impatience won. I couldn’t wait any longer and I placed my order. One week later, those items I wanted to be released were available for pre-order. If I waited one week I could have added that to my order and received free shipping on them. If I order them now, I’ll have to pay 15% more for shipping and handling. Since I am so cheap, I guess I’ll have to wait till someone else places an order and tag along with that.

3. Not quite intelligent – Some people should learn to keep their mouths shut. Especially when they are comment on something they are not fully informed about, in most cases, not even close knowledgeable. People who have no financial background should not be telling other people that something they are doing is against fiscal law when they have no knowledge on that fact. It actually just makes that person sound stupid, and in this case, they actually are stupid. When the analysts, KOs, Auditors, specialists, and lawyers tell you that it is legal, they are probably right. They have much more training and knowledge and experience than you do. Please, shut the hell up.

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