A weekday cleaning

I should clean my house every weekend. With three cats living here, and the warm weather, I should vacuum every weekend. The cat hair here is inches think. You almost have to wade through it. But alas, I am a very lazy individual. I prefer to be out with my friends. And cleaning takes so much time.

But there are days when even I have to say enough is enough. These poor cats are not going to learn to vacuum, which would be both cool and scary. So today, a weekday, I had enough. I broke out the vacuum and scared the cats. The rugs were cleaned and so was the hardwood floor.

The sad part of this whole story is not that the cats hid for the rest of the night, because they didn’t. They have already covered the recently cleaned rugs with their hair again. Rolling on the clean rugs, and the shedding! It really needs to stop. I have even thought about shaving them. That would be interesting…

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