A good day

I admit it; I have very few good days at work anymore. I used to have good days. I remember them. They did exist. But recently, I’d rather get the plague than go into the office. I even bought my first lottery ticket just for the hope of getting away. I used to like my job. I can’t say that I loved it, but it was never this hard to show up. Poor managers. Low, truly non-existent morale. Miserable moods. Stupid customers (not all of them). People who have no clue. Everything and everyone is getting to me lately.

And the funny part of it all is that it really doesn’t take much to make a day at work tolerable. Today, for example, was actually a decent day. I didn’t have a ton of emails from being out for two days, and the one’s I did have were actually important. Ok, the invite to “like” Aberdeen on Facebook was pretty stupid, but easily ignored. Sure I wish people who have no clue about fiscal law would keep their opinions to themselves, but even that one email didn’t get to me. But receiving funding documents that are actually correct and requests for important information that I can get, those are actually nice emails.

Even the phone conversation I had with the contractor went well. I hate dealing with people on the phone; email is so much more detached and much more enjoyable. But sometimes everything just goes right. Even when our numbers didn’t match, we knew why they didn’t and had a way forward. Actually, it was kind of odd.

Sure, morale was still low, and management didn’t make my day by magically disappearing, but it was a simple productive day. Nothing bad really happened, people still pissed me off, but good things happened, and the day wasn’t a total waste.

It was a good day.

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