Perfect Vacation

I have been thinking about taking a vacation a lot lately. Now, I already have a trip in October planned, but I feel like taking a long weekend somewhere. After all, October is so far away. I’d want to go someplace cheap, since the October trip is so expensive. However, All of these thoughts about a vacation have got me to thinking about what my perfect vacation would be.

If costs were no issue, I have three vacations I would love to take. One of them is greatly unrealistic, but the other two are doable. I would love to take a vacation to Mars, but we, as a species, don’t have the ability to do that, not to mention the fact that I don’t have that much leave built up yet. So, ignoring that fantastic voyage, there are a few other trips I would consider the perfect vacation for me.

The first trip would be a two-week excursion with friends to California. The trip would start with a cage diving trip to Guadeloupe Island in Mexico that leaves from San Diego (the one I normally take). I know a few friends who would love to take the trip with me, even if they didn’t step into the cage. After a week at sea, we would return to California and go spend a week at the wineries. That trip would combine two of my favorite hobbies, and if I could find a way to add kayaking to the trip, which shouldn’t be that hard, it would be the perfect vacation for me while staying in the U.S.

The third perfect vacation would be a trip to Australia. Again, the trip would combine my favorite hobbies of SCUBA diving and Wine drinking… I mean, wine tasting. I would love to have the chance to dive the Great Barrier Reef. That is probably on top of most divers bucket list, and I know it is on top of my bucket list. And Australian wine is some of the best wine in the world. Plus the scenery and all of the other touristy things to do in Australia would force me to make this a three-week trip at least. Sadly, besides the costs, there are other things holding me back from taking this vacation. I refuse to go to Australia as long as they keep bait lines to make the beaches “safer.”

Dreaming about these vacations is fun, but since I have already paid for most of my October excursion, I will not be taking any of these trips soon. I really do have to look into cheaper vacations that I could take between now and October. Even a long weekend to the Fingerlakes would be enjoyable, and possibly doable.

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