Massive Rain

I love rain. I love the sound of it, the feel of it on hot summer days, and the thought of running through puddles. I remember doing that as a kid. What kid didn’t like jumping into a puddle and making a big splash. As I got older, I stopped running through puddles, mostly. Now I use my car to make a big splash. Today, while leaving work in the massive downpour, I got stuck behind an SUV. And of course, the drive of the SUV was trying to avoid all of the puddles. Maybe the driver was afraid of getting his vehicle dirty. Me? Oh, I aimed for those puddles. Yes, I know it is dangerous, but it is so much fun.

And the MINI handles water in a weird way. With every other car I have been in, the car would cut through the water. The water would cause a wave going off to the sides of the car, kind of like the bow of a boat. That is not where the water goes when the MINI goes through a small body of water. When I drive the MINI though a puddle, the water actually goes over the car. I turn the MINI in to a mini-submarine! And I enjoy it every time. It makes me smile. I am still a kid at heart.

Well, mostly. I remember growing up being scared of thunder and lightning. Hell, I couldn’t even sleep through a thunderstorm.  Now that I am older, I actually enjoy storms. Sure, I may fear power going out because I want my nightly TV, but the thunder and lightning is actually enjoyable.

So today, in a storm that has already dropped a foot of rain (judging from my garbage can), I am going to sit back, watch some TV, have some wine, and listen to the storm.

Too bad the cats are freaking out.

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