Yesterday was the first time in a long while that I went to a winery, possibly the first time this year. A few friends and I went to Chaddsford winery in Pennsylvania. Of course, with the friends who went, there was much fun to be had. And, them being my friends, they made fun of me profusely. So of course I had a great time.

Post Season White

One of the wines we had was Flyers Post-season white. I believe I was being punished, as I am a NY Rangers fan and I was forced to buy, pour, and drink this wine. Ok, there wasn’t much force involved, but I still think I was being punished. And to be honest, it was pretty good. It was a semi-sweet white, and if I didn’t already buy a case of Jersey White from Heritage, I may have bought a bottle of Post-season White. I also voluntarily bought a bottle of the Post-season red because I knew that my companions would want to try it. And to be honest with myself, I did as well. It was also a semi-sweet, and I probably would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t have a bottle of very sweet Niagara right before it.

Later in the day, I decided to pull out a card game in my car called Timeline (blogged about playing it earlier), which I now keep in the car at all times. It is a fun game and I was glad I was able to introduce my friends to the game. It turns out that Timeline is also great for meeting fantastic new people. While playing it, two strangers started watching our game. Now, Bill being Bill, he wasted no time in inviting them to join us. So our small group of three was suddenly a group of five playing a very competitive and fun card game. I am sure the wine didn’t help, or maybe it did, either way, I didn’t win one hand. I had a blast, and I believe everyone else did as well.

It was a very fun day with good wine and great people. I would recommend both Chaddsford and Timeline to all of my friends. And combining the two can only end in great times.

And you know you are having good times when even the waiter at dinner joins in making fun of you.

Damn that was a long day.

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