Scary Sight

One of the scariest sights I see during the day, other than the three cats staring at me in unison, is a blank word document. Once I get started with a blog I am usually fine, but that blank screen scares me. Especially when I don’t have a single thought I feel like blogging.

Yes, the three cats staring at me might be scarier, but usually I can placate them by giving them some fresh food. The blank screen though? I actually need to think. I need to express my thoughts into a somewhat coherent blog.

And if I don’t have an actual idea, I just sit staring at the screen, drinking some coffee (if I have the day off), listening to the TV, hoping for some inspiration. If that doesn’t work, I read CNN, other Blogs, Facebook, and anything else hoping to get some sort of inspiration.

And sometimes, none of that works. I just stare at the screen, starting to panic. There are some classic fallbacks that I can blog about. I could tell some funny stories of my past. I could tell a story about something that happened at work, and there are plenty of those. And, of course, there is always a story about what these cats have done recently, well, at least till two of them final go home.

No, the blank document is a scary sight. And I must face my fears and conquer the blank document. Even if the blog is about how hard I find it to blog sometimes.

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