Filling Space

My day at work consisted of doing a lot of actual work with a brief one-hour period of being filler in a seat. Today I was told that I had to attend the post’s Sexual Harassment Awareness Month close out session. I had no choice. They invited the person in charge of SHARP to speak about sexual harassment and what she is trying to do to prevent it in the Army. The speech wasn’t all that bad, but I do have some complaints about the situation as a whole.

First, being made to go when I have actual work to do was a little pointless. How is the director going to defend how busy we are when we are always at these pointless APG functions? People have got to notice that only G3/5 is always there. I mean, yes, I was made to go, but how does it look when everyone is asked to go if they have no other pressing work, but G3 is always there. It has to look like we have no other pressing work. How can he defend his staff when cut start coming down?

Next, the temperature in the auditorium was toasty. They could have opened a door and cool it off a little bit. It was so nice and warm that I had to fight from falling asleep. And oddly, I had a random nosebleed. I am blaming the warmth and dryness of the room, but I admit that it may not have been the cause.

And finally, the tastes in what was presented were a little flawed. The director of the SHARP program used language in her briefing that some would find offensive. Not me, of course, but I can see where some people would be. But that wasn’t even the funniest or worst part. They decided to show a slideshow of everything that was done in support of SHARP throughout the month, but they used Michael Jackson music over the images. Really? That was your option? I am not going to argue if MJ was guilty or not. He did settle out of court, but that doesn’t prove anything. However, you could have picked almost any other musician. Michael Jackson?


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