Three Thing Friday

1. Ripped Shirts – In the past month I have managed to tear three of my work shirts. I don’t think I am doing anything spectacular to them, but I seem to be ripping the shirts right on the elbows. Either I have elbows as sharp as knives or I have got to shift the way I sit. I do tend to lean on the armrests of my desk chair, and that does seem to cause some unusual wear and tear on the fabric of the shirt.

Odds are that I will not shift the way I sit, it’s comfortable. So I will probably continue to rip my dress shirts.

2.Allergies – I don’t remember getting my ass kicked by allergies when I was younger. But in recent years I have been. I now know why people with bad allergies complain as much as they do. Sure, I could probably take some medication to get me through the day, but I try to avoid taking medication as much as possible. So I will continue to suffer quietly (not bloody likely) and go through the motions of my day. Sleep is disrupted. Breathing is difficult. Sneezing is frequent. And I am so very tired. But until I feel the absolute need, I will not take any medication. I can feel some of the side effects, and I do not like them. So, I shall continue  marching on through the day… and possibly taking a nap.

3. Captains – I do not know what is going on with captains these days. I do not honestly believe that a captain should go down with his ship, but they should make damn sure that their passengers are off of the vessel that they are placed in charge of.  At the very least they should get as many people off as safely possible before abandoning the ship themselves. But with the cruise ship in Italy and the passenger ship in South Korea, it now seems that captains get off of their boat first, so they can safely direct further rescue operations.

I am not saying I could wait on a sinking ship to make sure everyone is safely off, but I am also no a captain of a passenger vessel. And screw that women and children first, women want their equality, well, you can fight me for a spot on a life boat (I’d still probably lose).

If these men are at fault in any way for the accident, they should obviously be punished. The fact that they were one of the first one’s off of their respective ships means that they should be punished that much more. I’m not saying the death penalty, but I wouldn’t object to them being dropped in the middle of the Atlantic with one raft between them and no supplies.

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