Finally Happening

It’s finally happening. Plans are being made to send two of my three roommates back to New Jersey. The have been living here for about a year and a half, since the November after hurricane Sandy hit the area. My parents are still not going to have their own house yet, but they are moving into the property I own in Beachwood, and they decided to take these two cats with them.

I have mixed feelings about these felines going home. It will be nice to have slightly less cat hair in the house. The reduced cost of cat food, since I will only have to feed one, will also be nice. And I cannot understate the amount of joy I have towards having to deal with less hairballs and cat puke. Having said all of that, I have actually grown fond of these little furry females. Yes, Angel and Loki have fought a lot. I don’t think they have gone more than a couple of days without having a little brawl, but they are nice to have around.

Each of these cats has their own personalities. Angel is the skittish one. The one who is afraid of her own shadow. She runs from me all the time. I think in the year and a half I have only been able to pick her up half a dozen times. But she does have an affectionate and playful side. When I lay in bed, she immediately jumps up and lies on my chest. She also has the sharpest claws, and she has even ripped a shirt or two of mine.


Pips is the bitch. She has the worst mood swings I have ever seen. And of all the cats, she is the only one who has hissed. But she also has a playful side. And if I sit on the couch, she’ll jump up and sit next to me, and just purr away. In fact, I am pretty sure that she has claimed the couch for herself. I have seen her defend the couch from Loki. Hissing and clawing, preventing him from jumping up on the couch himself.


I admit it; I am going to miss these ladies. But the stress level should go down. And I know that when they finally leave, I am going to come home to find that Loki threw himself a party.

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