Relaxing Lunch

After running out to a local place to grab a bite to eat, I joined some coworkers in the historian’s office to play a card game. The game was called “Timeline” and the category was inventions. I gave this game to one of the historians as a going away gift since she got an all-new and moderately improved job. I’m not a big fan of change, but this is a good change for her.

The card game is pretty easy to learn. Each card has an invention, and on the back of the card it has the date that the invention was… well, the date that it was invented. The goal is to place the invention in its proper place with regards to the other cards that have already been played. It was a fun and relaxing lunch, and not very easy.

And one thing I learned, other than that the Eifel Tower was built in 1889, was that you never want to play this game against a historian.  Out of three games today, she won three of them. And of the games we played yesterday, let’s say we played six games, I only won two of them. She creamed me, but it was a fun set of games.

I am going to miss our historian. We’ve been friends since we worked in New Jersey. Now I am not going to have anyone at work to talk about warhammer with. She actually played so she somewhat knew what I was talking about.

Congratulation Chrissie on your new job, may it bring you fun and wealth. OK, may it at least make you happy.

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