Too Soon

Well, the spring weather is here, and I am already annoyed. It didn’t take long, but some of the things that I hate about spring and summer are already rearing their ugly and annoying heads.

Last week I had to have the heat on in the house, it was cold outside at night, just cold enough for me to want to warm the house up. One week later and I am already contemplating putting on the air conditioner. It just got too warm too fast. What happened to having seasons that last more than a week? Windows are open, a breeze is blowing, and it is already in the high 70’s in my house. I loathe heat.

And the bugs! Welcome to the season of stinkbugs, flies, and gnats. Every annoying insect is out an about. I’ve already had to kill gnats in my house, and I am not looking forward to even more in the house and in the car. And those damn stink bugs can get everywhere. I find them inside my car’s doors all the bloody time.

Yes, I am looking forward to kayaking, diving, and driving up to NJ to get me some Jersey White wine, but I could do without all of the bothersome aspects of the spring season. I would rather live in perpetual winter than deal with these bugs.

And I know, I am pretty much alone in that.

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