It’s funny how many people do not get sarcasm. This has gotten me in trouble so many times since my humor is usually dripping with sarcasm, and I really do get that from my mother. I am very grateful that I have her sense of humor, but it does get me into trouble. And through the years I have seen people get upset or take offense to something I have said or something someone else has said because they didn’t hear the sarcasm.

My mother always warned me that most people don’t get my humor, but it seems that most of my friends actually do (and that’s a scary thought). However, I have also learned that timing is very important when it comes to a sarcastic sense of humor. I have seen more than a few people screw up on the timing. When someone is stressed and under a lot of pressure, that is not the time to give him a hard time unless you are positive he or she can take it. I have learned this, and I usually know when to back off. However, this week I noticed someone who just had the worst timing possible. I caught the sarcasm, I knew that the individual was joking, but I also know that the recipient was not hearing the sarcasm. It didn’t get ugly, and when everyone cooled down, all was well.

You need to know the people involved. Sometimes they can take the joke, sometimes they can’t. It all comes down to personalities, and you should make sure you know them before giving them a hard time sarcastically.

The final thing I have learned, although I do seem to keep forgetting, is that sarcasm does not transmit well electronically. You can’t get the inflection of the voice, the facial expressions, or the attitude of the sarcastic person. That has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years, and will continue to do so until I actually remember to not be sarcastic in my emails or Facebook messages.

Sarcasm does not transmit well electronically.

Sarcasm does not transmit well electronically.

Sarcasm does not transmit well electronically.


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