A Joke

I was pondering the fact that someone complained about my Bad Religion hoodie, and after some comments from a friend on my Facebook post, I realized that everything has become a great big joke, not just the hoodie complaint.

Rather than take offense to the stupidity of the complaint, I made jokes about it and the person who made the complaint. I joked about the fact that management had to tell my boss since they know how the office feels about them right now. I joked about the fact that someone couldn’t come to me and complain, they had to go to management. I started wondering if people know when they become the punch line. I know I have done stupid things in my past, and I also know that people joke about the stupid things I have done. I have no shame, I’ll be one of the first people to joke about some of the things that I have done. And some of the things I have done are doozies (I just wanted to use the word doozie).

But I can’t help but wonder if other people realize that they have become a joke, not only to me, but to others. When they make a poor management decision, do they realize that the workers joke about how stupid they were? When someone complains about another employee over something that most others brush off their shoulders, don’t they realize that the stupidity of the complaint becomes the butt of a joke? Don’t these people realize that even if we don’t know who the person is specifically, others will actually get a good laugh out of the whole situation? All of this also shows that you don’t need all of the facts (like the persons name) to get a good laugh.

Even when it came to my stupid 10-year certificate, the fact that management wants to force me to accept a token certificate, that has become a joke among most of the employees. And yes, I do realize that there are people joking about the fact that I would pick the certificate to cause problems with.

Part of me does want to wear a hoodie that states, “Band logo that offended someone” on the back, and I still might. But the fact that it just may cause more problems makes me wonder if this is worth it. It would, however, be good for a laugh.

I also find the fact that I am willing to fight to not receive the stupid certificate but not fight for my right to wear a hoodie I like funny. I’m forced to listen to a prayer at every town hall, but my hoodie causes someone offence. Maybe I’ll pick that fight later, and give many other people a laugh. Plus, maybe complaining about the prayer at the town hall will get me out of going. That might be worth it alone.

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