Sad Sight

Years ago, for Christmas or my birthday, my now ex-wife bought me a fridge for my wine. I admit, it was a great gift, and I damn well took it in the divorce. It is supposed to hold 44 bottles, has two temperature zones, and a light so you can see the bottles. Not the labels, but at least you can see the bottles.

Through the years I have managed to keep it full of all sorts of wine. I even found that you can fit more than 44 bottles if some of those are dessert wines; I may have even forced more than 50 bottles in the fridge. I had so many bottles of wine that some of it had to go into storage.

Recently, I have not been able to get my ass to a winery. So, while I have been consuming my wine, the resupply train has been missing. I am actually down to 20 bottles of wine. Less then 50% capacity! This is a crime of epic proportion.

I don’t know when I will be able to restock, but it may be during the summer. Hopefully my current stock can last that long. I cannot run out of Jersey White. I don’t even think I have anything left in storage.

I have an alcohol problem. I am running out of it.

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