A Minor Inconvenience

I know that life is this day and age is easy when compared to the life of the Neanderthals, but when something goes wrong, we act like it’s the end of the world, as we know it (and I feel fine). And I know I behave that way as well. This weekend, something I take for granted stopped working. It’s not anything big, but it was something that I have grown used too.

The keyless entry and locking on the MINI stopped working. And oddly, it only stopped working on the driver side. I can still lock the trunk and the passenger side, and may even be able to open the sunroof, so I highly doubt that it is the battery. But for some reason, the locking and unlocking on the driver side is kaput.

Now, this would be only a minor inconvenience, except for the fact that I have my memory. I can never remember that when I hit the button on my key, the driver door is still unlocked. I am so bad with my memory, that even after telling a friend that I can’t lock my door with the button on the key, I went out to get something from my car with him, and he had to point out that I didn’t lock the driver side.

This is my complaint. I have gotten so used to locking my door this way that odds are I am going to have to keep checking if I locked my car. I have the memory of a goldfish, and this has interrupted my normal patter in life.

I may actually have to get this fixed.

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