Oh, The Pain

With the cat purring in my ear, the sun shining right in my eye, and the pounding headache, this was a rough morning to wake up too. And even now, I seem to be dragging, barely functional. Late nights and early morning risings do not mix, but thanks to my internal alarm clock (and three hungry cats) after getting to bed at 2, I still woke up at 6. And I do not seem to function well on 4 hours of sleep. And that fact alone may explain this poor blog.

But as I was saying, the pounding head, one of the more painful hangovers I have had in a while. I did have a great time playing Warhammer with my friends, even if my team did lose (I was out of the game pretty early on). It was a good night, but these late nights and my early morning personality do not mix. So today is going to be a slow day. I do not see myself getting much done, and I may even have to nap in the middle of the day. I will do what needs to get done, laundry, food shopping, and my daily blogging, but that is about it.

I am never ordering Chinese take-out again. And I am sure that the food did wonders for my blood pressure.

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