Three Thing Friday

1. One size does not fit all. You cannot manage people all of the same. We are human. We are all different. Some of us need to have our hands held while some of us can be left alone. Some of us need to be constantly praised and some of us do not. Some of us want to have our time in service acknowledged while some of us think that being given a certificate and a pin for showing up to work is pointless and a waste of time and effort. Manage people as they need to be managed. A good manager knows this and treats his or her personnel as individuals. We cannot all be grouped together as one. We are different.

2. Time delay. Apparently a friend invited me to go to a wine bar with her yesterday. I cannot say if I would have or would not have gone. Why? Well, while she sent the email at 4 PM, I didn’t get it till 12 AM. What the hell yahoo and gmail? She could have walked a note to my house faster then that. There is no reason that walking should be faster than a speeding electron. So no, I didn’t go out and have a glass of wine, which is sad, because this was one hell of a week, and I could have used a drink with a friend.

3. AWS. Alternate Work Schedule. While I will say that there are plenty of things wrong with working in my office right now, one of the things they did get right was allowing the alternate work schedule. Working and extra four hours each week so I can have every other Friday off is fantastic. It’s small things like this that do the little things for morale. Now, I don’t get why people who worked 10-hour days before are no longer permitted to do so, and they were not even given a good reason for not being allowed. Everyone agreed that the work was being done. But at least the leadership allowed the 9-hour days. If we can only get leadership to understand that telecommuting, 10-hour days, and just trusting you employees can actually work. So, I am going to enjoy this Friday off.

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