May 16th

I have a problem. Everyone knows I have issues, but I am officially moving on to having subscriptions. The first thing I did when I got home today, after feeding my cats, was not laundry, or even turning on the TV.

No, the first thing I did was turn on the computer, log onto youtube, and watch the new TV ads for the new Godzilla movie. Why would I do this? I already know I am probably going to see it in the theaters more than once. I already know all of the actors that are in it. I already know that it will be released on May 16th. There is nothing for me to learn from the ads.

I am already sold on this movie, so why would I watch the ads? Well, I am hoping for new scenes. Not so much for Godzilla, since I already know he is in it and what he will look like.  No, I want new scenes of the other monsters. In the international trailer (yes, I watched this too) I believe I saw Rodan. Of course, I cannot confirm it since the one shot of it the monster was behind some nice cloud cover. But I know for a fact that Godzilla does not fly, well, except for when he did fly in the movie where he fought Hedora.

So yes, I keep looking at these movie trailers for a movie I am already guaranteed to see. Not for spoilers… Well, for some spoilers. I must know what monsters are going to be in this film. I really am a kid at heart.

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