An Award

Today, I finally received my ten-year certificate and the silly pin that goes along with it. The admin person handed it over the wall to me this morning and I did what anyone indifferent to an award would do. I tossed the certificate into the file, threw the pin in with it, and moved on with my life.

Well, it turns out that the admin person wasn’t supposed to give it to me. She was supposed to give it to the director so they can give it to me at the weekly pointless meeting on Thursday. I really don’t want any recognition for showing up to my job for ten years. And I definitely do not want the G3/5 leadership to be the ones to recognize my “achievement.” “Hey, you didn’t die, quit, or get fired! Here’s a pin.” So, no, I did not give the admin person my certificate back. I held on to it and locked it up in the drawer. I told the admin person to tell everyone that she made a mistake and that I refuse to give the certificate back. No reason for her to get in trouble.

Look, everyone in the office knows that the leadership is looking for any excuse to keep these pointless meetings going, but I refuse to be a part of it if I do not have to. The monthly briefings on what I do are bad enough. I know that meetings can be good and useful, but every time I am sitting in the meeting my mind drifts to an episode of M*A*S*H. Hawkeye writes to his father about the meetings they hold and how they would prolong the war for years.

That is how I feel about these meetings. Why are you wasting my time? I could actually be productive.

Plus, being recognized for 10 years of service (6 months late)? Big frigging deal. If I didn’t want to be recognized by the Director of CECOM, I sure don’t want to be recognized by G3/5.

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