Common Traits

Last night I was hanging out at a bar with my local friends. It was nice to get out and go someplace different (we are usually at Friday’s). I had a veggie burger, a couple of Guinness’s, and listened to a live band. It was a really good night, a really fun night. And during the night, while talking to these friends, I realized that all of my friends, well, most of my friends, have similar traits. Nearly all of my friends are a little crazy, but it was a different trait that really hit me last night.

A lot of my friends have this massive presence. And I don’t mean that they are massive, just that they have this massive presence. Although, a good portion of my friends are large, six feet tall or more, that is not what I am talking about. They control a room when they enter it. The have this aurora of confidence.  They exude confidence. (Thanks MaryBeth for helping me remember that word) They are not quiet when put into a place where they know no one. They are they type of person who would walk up to people they don’t know and include them.

It’s odd though, since I don’t really have that in myself. I am the person would usually sit quietly, even meekly, in a corner of the room. Yes, when people get to know me, I’ll open up and become my loud and obnoxious self, but on first introductions, I’m pretty damn quiet. Where my friends, when they enter the room, they become the center of the room. In fact, my friends probably had to put in most of the effort to get to know me. They were the one’s that had to pull me out of my shell of solitude.

I wish I were more like my friends. I wish I had that level of confidence. But it seems I will always be the guy who sits quietly in the corner. Until you get to know me, then you will wish I were the guy who stayed quietly in the corner.

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