Finally, after almost a full week, the team’s website is up and running! Well, mostly. We are still having issues. Sometimes we can’t complete the job we are doing without the site crashing, sometimes we can’t even log in. However, I was able to process some of my customer’s documents, finally. I am now less than four days behind, but I should be able to start catching up tomorrow.

However, one thing we did find out today is that due to guidance, our website can only send out update emails to address that end in Which is interesting since most of the government, DoD included, does not use that ending. Most use a .mil address (just not, but we do interact with a lot of .gov addresses, and even some .org addresses. So, thanks to new “security” guidance, our website has lost some of it’s usefulness.

In fact, I would say that the government websites are becoming so secure that only Chinese hackers can get in. In fact, I think I did say that not all that long ago.

But, after three full days of low productivity, it felt really great to actually be able to do my job. Granted, I had to stop for 45 minutes to brief the office on what I do again (third time in four months). But once I got back to my seat, it actually felt great to be productive.

Sure, I may think that the environment in the office is toxic. Sure, I may think that the boss may be creating a hostile work environment. But to actually work, it made the day slightly less boring. Now I can actually work rather then tell my customers that I will get to it when our site is back up.

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