Please don’t sue

“I am aware that activities I may engage in while on the adventure are hazardous activities, and hereby state and acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the adventure with full knowledge and understand of the danger involved, and agree to accept any and all risks of injury, damage or death, while I am engaged in the adventure. I verify this statement by placing my initials here:”

I initialed this statement today, right were I was supposed to, and right where I did about two years ago, meaning I am one step closer to the adventure of a lifetime. Well, not really the adventure of a lifetime since this will be the second time I am taking this trip, but that does not reduce my excitement for my upcoming cage diving trip.  I officially paid off the rest of what I owed, and now I just have to book some flights and a hotel room, then I am good to go.

Now, the question remains as to why I would take this trip a second time when there are so many places in the world that I have yet to dive. Well, I don’t have a good answer for that. I admit that I want to dive the Bahamas, the Great Barrier Reef, and so many other places, but going to see these beautiful great white sharks a second time is something I really want to do. But the clear waters of Guadeloupe, and the great white sharks and seals that live in their waters are amazing.

The experiences from last time are etched in my memory (at least until the alcohol kills those particular brain cells) and I cannot wait to create more memories. These animals are so amazing that even the HD footage during Shark Week does not do sharks justice. They are so graceful, and even peaceful, in the wild. Yes, I am sure that there are some points where they are highly aggressive, but when I saw them last time, they were just peaceful.

So, mom and dad, if something does go wrong, and I do something stupid, please don’t sue the operators. I probably did something they warned against, and possibly even provoked the shark. It’s not their fault that I’m an idiot at times. And realize, that through the screaming (if there was any) and agony (if I lived long enough to have agony) I died doing something I enjoyed.

And if I don’t die (and dying is highly unlikely), understand that I will probably do this all again.

And now, to update my will.


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