Down Day

Today was a fantastically unproductive day at work. I would even go as far as saying that it was epically unproductive. And it wasn’t even my fault. Our website has to be on a new server by the end of the month due to some new requirements or something like that. No one actually told me why, just that the site has to be moved. Now, my co-worker, one of the one’s who actually uses his brain, told the people who were going to transfer the site to move it last Friday. This made sense since a good portion of the office was out due to RDOs, Doctor appointment, and whatever else. So, since the staff was short already, Friday made sense. I cannot and will not fault him for that choice.

Now, while moving the website on Friday made sense, it also cause problems that no one foresaw. These problems cause the website to be down all day today. Well, not exactly down, but no one can log into the site. No one. I couldn’t process all of the documents I received since Thursday, thanks to me being out on Thursday and Friday. And since I am covering for another co-worker, I have a lot documents that need processing. I couldn’t even answer 99% of the questions I got during the day.  Even answers to simple questions eluded me. For example, someone asked about a funding document from last year, but without the team’s website, I couldn’t even say if we received it. It was embarrassing and frustrating.

Now, the fact they can’t even tell us what happened in a serious concern. They don’t know when the site will be back up and running. And due to some other regulation, we can’t even bring up the old site. It has something to do with only being able to have one site up at a time, and they can’t fix the new one without it being up and running. Well, up, since it sure isn’t running.

It’s amazing how reliant we have become on the Internet. If the site goes down, productivity slips to near zero. Yes, I got some stuff done, but it wasn’t much. I hope tomorrow is better, because even I felt guilty for getting paid for a day this unproductive. It’s embarrassing that I work for the Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM), or as I call it, The Cannot Electronically Communicate command.

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