The Little Things

Sometimes, it really is the little things. It can be the little things that can make or break a day. And you always should look for those little things, even if they make you day only a little better.

This morning, for example, I woke up to Loki lying on my back purring away. Ok, I didn’t need to be up at six am, but waking up to him is better than an alarm clock. When I finally got my tail moving, I walked down stairs to start my day by feeding the cats. Sadly, the first thing I saw was some cat puke, which made me feel a little sad. However, where the puke was made dealing with it a little easier. Usually I am cleaning up hairballs and puke on my rugs, carpet, or hardwood floors. The worst place I have had to deal with was when a cat hair a hairball incident in my bed, while I was sleeping in it. At 2 AM. Yuck. But this time, the cat threw up on the mat that I keep their food bowls on. This made it extremely easy to clean. So, while I could be upset that one of my cats wasn’t feeling well (and probably just ate too fast) and that I had to clean up after the little furball, I was thankful that it was an unusually easy clean.

And yesterday was even better. I went to a flea market for gaming hobbyists. Now, I planned on spending just $140, and I spent $150. That was pretty close to plan, but what I got made it worth it. For example, I bought a book that usually sells for 70 pounds on an English Website, which would be about 120 U.S. dollars. I paid $50 for it, and got two more outdated books that will probably be good reads for another $30. Those purchases, plus a few more, made the day. The fact that my team lost the game later in the day could not bring my day down. And the fact that a friend got an even better deal on something else couldn’t bring my day down. In fact, the deals he got actually made the day even better.

So, always look for the little things. If you are having a bad day, they may make it a little better. And if you are having a good day, they may make it even better.

To quote the Monty Python song, “Always look on the bright side of life.”

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