Three Thing Friday

1. Goldfish – “The crackers, Danny, the cheese things that you have at a party.” Sorry, a quote from The West Wing seemed appropriate.  I love these snacks, and not because I can pretend I am a shark, although I do seem to think of the jaws theme when I eat them. However, they are covered in salt. I know that salt is a preservative, but it seems like we over use it. And yes, I do like the taste, but I do not think we need to coat our foods completely. And of course, high salt increases one’s blood pressure. And after the Doctor appointment I had yesterday, my blood pressure is back to being a concern of mine. Every time I go to the doctor’s office and have my BP checked, I plug the results into my phone. And because I do this I know that my BP much higher than it was last year. So, I am thinking those salty snacks that I love so much will have to be removed from my diet. Damn.

2. Genetics – Speaking of blood pressure, the whole reason I watch my blood pressure comes down to genetics. My family has a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, thyroids issues, and who knows what else. Now, I have heard both arguments, its all genetics or it’s all on how you exercise and eat. I don’t think it’s one of the extremes; it is a combination of the two. Yes, my genetics play a role in my health; my family history just makes me have to work harder to keep my health in check.

I go to the doctors at least once a year for blood work and a regular check up, even when I feel fine, like I did yesterday. I know that the stress at work, and the recent stress at home could also be causing my blood pressure to spike, but I am going to try and take care of this now with a diet change. Less salty snacks. Damn that’s going to be hard.

3. Over Medicated – I will give my doctor credit, he didn’t even ask if I wanted to go onto blood pressure medicine. Yes, I could easily have asked, and probably been prescribed some BP medicine to bring it down. One of my friends even recommended that. But it seems the easy way out. It seems like once you go onto the medication; you may become reliant on it. I truly believe that doctors over prescribe medication in this country. I am not saying that some people don’t need the medication. My father, for example, would probably have died by now if he weren’t given his BP medication. In some cases it is necessary, but in some cases it high BP should be brought down by other means. Then again, this country as a whole does seem to want the easy way out.

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