Day home

So, I am sitting here at home, not going into work, watching some TV. Drinking some coffee. Writing a blog. Why am I home on some random Thursday? Well, the fuse to one of the electrical lines in the kitchen keeps tripping. At first, I thought it was the new microwave. But after I moved that to a different line, the problem line tripped while I was trying to toast a bagel.

So, I of course did what any person who doesn’t trust his home fixing abilities would do. I jumped onto my computer and I googled it. And of course, the first thing I find is that if a fuse keeps tripping; it could create a fire hazard. A short in the line can cause an electrical fire. Now, I do not want to be responsible for making the cats homeless and burning down the neighborhood, so I made an appointment for an electrician to come and look into this. I was warned that the first ½ hour is going to cost me $95 dollars. I may need to find a new line of work.

And then yesterday, it happened. My friend pointed out that I could have checked if it was the fuse by swapping fuses and testing the line then. Oh, how I wish I thought of that earlier. And even if it is an issue with the lines themselves, there is a possibility it could be near the outlets, and that I could have fixed myself.

Of course, I could have also scheduled this all to happen a couple of days ago. Instead I booked the electrician to come a few days later on a Thursday. I left the fuse off and cooked on different lines in the kitchen. Now, why would I do that? Well, as I said, today is Thursday, and Thursday is pointless meeting day. It’s not that I made this a longer weekend; the electrician is getting me out of a pointless meeting. All for the low price of $95. Ok, maybe I didn’t think this through.

Still, at least I’m not at work.

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