Another Delayed Opening

As the winter of 2013/2014 continues, we got hit with yet another snowstorm. I have lost count of how many times the post was closed or had a delayed opening. However, I do know that most of them have affected Monday’s work schedule, since my co-worker as off every other Monday, and he always seemed to miss out on these closings or delays. I do actually feel a little bad for him, not that I would donate him my leave, I don’t feel that bad. Plus, it’s my leave damn it.

Now, usually I will give all of the credit to the people clearing the roads and parking lots on post. They usually do an amazing job. In fact, I usually want them to plow my local community instead of who actually does, that’s how good of a job they do. Even today, the local roads here were terrible and I actually couldn’t wait to get on the main roads. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun driving on sheets of ice and roads of snow, but it wasn’t very safe for those around me. And never let anyone say you can’t get a front-wheel drive car sideways. It is easily done.

So yes, usually APG is plowed much better than my local streets. Not today though. Today, it seems like the people plowing were not given enough time to finish their job. And that made me wonder about the delayed opening. Since I have worked for the government, when it comes to delayed openings, I have learned they come in three categories. You have the 2-hour delayed opening, the 4-hour delay, and then you have “Post is closed.” Apparently those are the only options.

Today, we could have at least used a 3-hour delay. The people who plow the lots didn’t get to the lot I use until much after I arrived. I am not saying that a 3-hour delay would have solved all of the problems, but it would have made it better. The lot may have been plowed. I am also not asking for the 4-hour delay, although that would have been better than what we got.

So yes, I went into work, I trudged thought the “plowed” lot, I got into my office and started the day two hours later than normal. Not much got done, I can only assume most of my customers used the full days leave to stay home. I know of at least one person on my team that did that.

So, today was the first time I wasn’t happy with the job the APG DPW did with the parking lots. I don’t really blame them though; I really don’t think they were given enough time to plow an entire army base. Hopefully this is the last storm of the 2013/2014 winter. I am really looking forward to complaining about excessive heat, and those of you who complained about the cold winter are not allowed to say one word about the heat. If you do, I may have to punch you in the face. Or at least pay someone to do that for me.

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