I Confess

I confess, certain voices, when heard on the television, cause me to stop what I am doing and check out what is on. And usually, when I stop to check it out, I end up watching the entire show. It doesn’t matter if I have seen it before, or a hundred times before. Certain voices, certain people, cause me to stop because I know that whatever is on is going to be good.

The first of these select few is David Attenborough. Every time I hear this man’s voice, I know that a fantastic special about the earth or wildlife is on. And it is so bad that shows I own on DVD, like The Blue Planet, will still end up being watched if it is on TV. So while I have seen this show hundreds of times, I will watch it another time if I hear Attenborough voice.

Another person’s voice that causes me to stop and watch (and usually learn) is Dr. Michio Kaku. No matter what show this man is on, I must stop and watch. Granted, I usually leave my television on the Discover Science channel, and that is where you are almost guaranteed to catch Dr. Kaku, but I just noticed that I even stop and watched a commercial that he was in. And, it was a commercial for a show that he will be hosting. Which means that I will be watching whatever that show is from now until it is cancelled. And possibly even after that, depending if Discovery airs it in re-runs. Now, if I could only remember what the show’s name was.

I don’t know if I actually learn anything when I watch these shows, but I do enjoy them more than most sitcoms or other “normal” television shows. And I won’t even watch “reality” shows. In fact, if I could, I would limit myself to the discovery channels and BBC America. I don’t seem to watch many other stations, so to me they are unnecessary.

Besides, if I wanted to, I could just pick up one of Dr. Kaku’s books. I own three, read on of those, and hope to get to the rest soon.

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