Lesson Learned

I started writing a blog this morning right after I woke up. I started writing before breakfast and with no coffee. And I failed badly. I got a title and half of a sentence onto the page, and then stared at the screen for fifteen minutes. Not only could I not get my brain kicked into gear, I couldn’t even remember where that first sentence was supposed to go. I lost the train of thought for the entire blog. My brain felt like it was completely non-functional.

So, after taking the time to try and get the train back onto the tracks, I realized it was a lost cause. I got up, broke up a fight between Pips and Loki (stupid cats), and started getting breakfast and coffee ready. As soon as I got breakfast started, I realized my struggles in the morning would make a perfect and short Saturday morning blog. Sure, this isn’t what I intended to write about, that may come tomorrow, it may not.

That’s one thing I have noticed about my blogging, where I start heading is not usually where I finish. And I remember it once being said; it is not the destination, but the journey. I believe that was said by some Emerson guy. I can’t remember if it was Bill or Ralph. Doesn’t matter.

So, as this latest journey comes to a close, I must start thinking of the next blog.

And tomorrow, the coffee will be started before the next attempt at blogging.

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