Three Thing Friday

1. UPS/USPS. This UPS/USPS relationship has got to go. Certain items shipped via UPS occasionally get shipped to a post office location for the final leg of the delivery. How do I know this? Well, Barnes and Nobel shipped an item I ordered using UPS. It was shipped from Tennessee to Georgia and from there it was dispatched to a post office sort facility in North Carolina. This item has already traveled more in the last few days than I have in the last year. The package’s delivery was scheduled for today, but since it arrived in North Carolina late yesterday, I doubt I will be seeing it. Though I do have hopes of seeing it tomorrow. There are plenty of UPS trucks in the area; all I want is for the company that started the shipping process to finish it.

2. Idiots. There is a fisherman from England who has said that he wants to catch Lydia (the shark I mentioned yesterday) and take her where she wants to go. He wants to do this because great white sharks are not supposed to be near England. So, the self-proclaimed “Greatest Fisherman in the World” knows better than the shark herself. He wants to catch Lydia, because she must be lost, take her to someplace else, and release her into the wild, which is where she is already. Maybe this guy knows what he is talking about. Maybe he knows more about sharks than scientists who readily admit that they need to learn more. This guy’s plan is probably to take her to Australia, because we know that’s where sharks want to be right now.

3. Priorities. Some people need to get their priorities straight. Sure, I know we have a weekly meeting scheduled at the same time every week, but if someone I need to meet with can only met at that same time, I am going to chose to go to that meeting. My co-workers can catch me up on what I missed (which usually isn’t anything worth catching up on). However, what I learned this week is that these weekly meetings are the highest priority in the office. These meetings are even more important than meeting with an SES (higher position than the G 3/5 Director) about the current state of the contract. Me knowing what other people in the office is doing is more important than my customers. And no offence to my fellow office mates, I don’t care what you are working on, much like you don’t care what I am working on. So what did I learn? Screw the customer, screw the soldier, and get your ass to this pointless meeting. FYI – This weeks meeting didn’t tell me anything I needed to know.

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